This movie is a romantic thriller- Dirty hari

Did you know the Tollywood industry has gained massive popularity among Indian people? Yes, the action and dance move of the Telugu movies is excellent. We can also call the word Tollywood as Telugu cinema. The Tollywood industry has gained immense fame and recognition in audiences’ hearts because people love watching Tollywood movies. Telugu movie is a complete mixture of action, drama, romance, and thrillers. There is no Telegu film that people do not appreciate.

The work of the Telugu director, producer, actor, and actress is always appreciated. They always work with total energy and will. Aha media is built to provide the audience all types of Telugu content in one Ott platform. Aha ( Area media and broadcasting (P) Ltd) is a channel that gives you all kinds of Telugu drama, action, movie, and series on one platform. In aha, you can watch movies and series of premium quality. Tollywood has provided you a list of romantic and thriller films. Among this list, dirty hair is one of the best Telugu movies.

Dirty hair is a romantic and thriller movie. This film is released on 18 December 2020, and M.S. Raju directs this film. Hari is the leading actor in this film. He is a very ambitious man who wants to become a big man. The girl name vasudha in the movie is his wife. Vasudha is a rich girl. And she is so desperate to conceive a baby. Hari is with vasudha only because she is a rich lady. But he enters into an affair with his brother in law girlfriend, jasmine. Jasmine is a very sexy and pretty lady and wears a sexy cleavage-bearing dress. Hari hides his experience with his wife. The second half of the dirty hari movie is very sexual. Hari has no emotion for his wife when she spends time with him. In this film, most of the time, repeated love scenes are played. In the greed of lust, hariloose everything is the real question for audiences. To find the answer subscribe to aha media and enjoy a dirty hari movie online with your loved one. In this movie, love scenes are pictured so beautifully that intimate audience.


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