What To Study To Work As A Data Scientist?


Currently, practically no one finds it surprising that there is talk week in and week out about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, or Data Science in the media for years. It is already a fact the Data has changed the world. 

With it, our way of using technology, this constant production of data, has led to the emergence of multiple profiles specialized in data processing and analytics, one of the most critical data scientist’s roles, if you are. Thinking of finding out more about this profession or working as a data scientist in the future, don’t miss the content of this post.

Training For A Technical Profile Expert In Data

If you already know how to handle different technologies or have worked in software development, the best option for you would be to study a master’s degree in Big Data, since you will take advantage of the skills of the world of data science, along with the skills of the field of architecture and Big Data infrastructure.

From IMF and the University of Nebrija, you can study the master’s degree in Business Analytics & Big Data ( https://www.imf-formacion.com/masters-profesionales/master-big-data-business-intelligence ), this master co-developed with the Indra strategic consultancy It will allow you to expand your skills in programming languages ​​such as Python, R, relational and non-relational database management, data parallelization skills through Spark and Spark Streaming, data ingestion and processing through the Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS, Hive, Hbase, and Sqoop), knowledge in business intelligence and generation of dashboards as well as training in the main algorithms currently used in Machine Learning.

This master from the data science classes in Hyderabad is offered both face-to-face, semi-face-to-face, and online. In the latter option, you can take the master at your own pace in a maximum of 2 years.

Training For A Non-Technical Data Profile

Suppose you do not come from such technical profiles as computer engineering or systems engineering, as if you are looking to turn your profile towards new technologies, no problem. In that case, there are also possibilities to train as a data scientist.

From IMF and the University of Nebrija, co-developed with the strategic consultancy Indra, the master’s degree in Business Analytics & Data Science They will train you to train as a data scientist, from the point of view not as technical as the master’s degree in Big Data and more focused on decision-making. Both online (maximum two years) and face-to-face, this master’s degree will allow you to acquire skills in programming and the application of statistical models in both Python and R, create business intelligence solutions connecting various SQL databases with Extraction tools, Transformation, and Loading (ETL). Skills in creating Dashboards and data visualization, knowledge of machine learning and Deep Learning, knowledge of natural language processing (NLP), scalable analytics with Spark, etc.

Both master’s degrees have an employment and internship service and a job bank guaranteeing practically 100% employability. It seems that data scientist is a more than exciting profession and with a lot of future projections. Now that you know the details of this profile do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in training in Data- focused studies.

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