Home office guide: Buying the right height-adjustable desk in 2021

Wondering if you really need a height-adjustable desk? Are you intrigued by the concept and why more people are using standup desks? Sitting for long hours to get work done is not a choice for many of us. However, we can change the way we work. A height-adjustable desk, also called sit-stand desk or standup desk, allows a professional to raise and lower the desk, to sit and stand as desired. There are all kinds of height-adjustable desks in the market, including electric motorized variants. You can find electric variants in PrimeCables sit-stand desks for as low as $250. If you intend to buy a height-adjustable desk for your home office in 2021, here’s a quick guide. 

  1. Check the height adjustable aspect. You need to know if the range of height adjustment is right for you, more so if you are someone who is extremely tall or short. The range is usually mentioned on each desk. 
  2. Weight capacity. Many electric standup desks do not come with the tabletop, but there will be a weight limit to how much it can hold. Make sure to check that aspect, especially if you want to use many monitors or need a large tabletop. 
  3. Electric features. Electric standup desks do come with a touch panel, or preset menus, which can alert when you are sitting or standing for long. Ensure that you check what sets a desk apart from others. 
  4. Ease of use. Many people do miss out on this simple aspect. The purpose of a standup desk is defeated if you continue to take time to switch between positions. Go for an electric variant with a fast adjustment speed, so that your work time is utilized efficiently. 
  5. Cord management. With electric standup desks, you have to consider cord management, because you want your home office to look neat and well-designed. Check if you can add storage space to the desk, and if the space on the tabletop would be enough for extensive use. 

What’s the ideal budget?

That depends on the variant. Basic table adjustment or manual standup desks can be insanely cheap, but the electric ones do cost a tad more for obvious reasons. At the least, you can expect to pay around $200 or more on basic models, and the prices do shoot up when the tabletop and other extra features are included. Check online for the best range of choices and prices.