A Story Revolves Around The Lives Of Artists

Are you searching for a weekend binge-worthy movie? If Telugu drama is your comfort genre, you might just end up obsessing over Luca Alias Johnny. Telugu movies have been gaining quick momentum with their more than frequent releases. The industry has always been experimental and novel with its releases. Be it action movies, crime dramas, or mystery thrillers, Telugu viewers have been served the best of them all. Telugu movies often enjoy colossal fame, and most of them dubbed to feed the non-Telugu viewers. Telugu movies are pretty much all over the place with increasing OTT platforms providing quality content on a massive scale. Telugu movies are consistent in quality and story.

The pandemic has had little or almost no effect on the performance quotient of Telugu artists. The variety that this industry brings makes it a popular choice for Indians to stream original Telugu or dubbed content. OTT platforms are a convenient means to browse new movies online from the comfort of your home. Fixated on Luca? Let’s get a synopsis to check whether it matches your preference.

Luca Alias Johnny – Romantic thriller?

Luca was originally a Malayalam drama that was released in 2019 and later dubbed into Telugu due to enormous demand. Luca Alias Johnny, the Telugu thriller, is directed by Arun Bose and produced by Linto Thomas and Prince Hussain. The film has Tovino Thomas and Ahaana Krishna as the lead actors. The dubbed version of Luca is available on Aha for online streaming. The story revolves around the lives of Luca and Niharika. It unfolds to reveal a police inspector, Akbar, who finds Niharika’s diary and resolves to decode the mystery. As he continues to read the diary, Luca and Niharika’s love story unravels in front of the audience. Luca is a Kochi-based artist with anger issues and necrophobia. He meets Niharika and they fall in love.

The story progresses as they help each deal with their problems. Soon, Luca is diagnosed with stage four cancer that leaves Niharika devastated. Akbar, on the other hand, takes inspiration from their love story to sort out his married life. The movie ends with Akbar being successful in solving the mystery of the lovers’ unexpected deaths. Luca Alias Johnny is a delight with convincing characters, a tragic storyline and perfect direction. A wholesome watch? Sure.

Aha – Stream Telugu hits in seconds!

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