For How Long Do You Need To Wear A Retainer After Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment can fix your teeth in as little as 12 to 18 months. However, it is important that you still wear your retainer after the treatment. A retainer stops your teeth from going back to their previous position. If you do not wear your retainer after Invisalign braces, your smile and overall health will be greatly affected. 

You may not notice the difference immediately when you first stop wearing your retainer. However, the more you avoid wearing your retainer, the more your teeth shift in their position bit by bit every day. Book an appointment with a Family dentist in Winnipeg to know more. 

The importance of wearing a retainer after Invisalign treatment

After you finish your Invisalign treatment, you might think the treatment is complete, and you do not need to wear your retainer. Many people get this wrong because if you fail to wear your retainer daily, your teeth will eventually move back to their original position before the treatment.

Gradual shifting will occur over time while chewing or from pressure exerted on teeth, and eventually, your teeth will be restored to their original position. Therefore, wearing your retainer after getting an Invisalign treatment is highly recommended. 

How long do you need to wear a retainer after your Invisalign treatment? 

If you love your new smile and do not want to waste all your investment in your Invisalign treatment, it becomes compulsory for you to wear the retainers for the rest of your life after your treatment. 

At first, the gums and teeth in your jaw might not be familiar with the new straight teeth. The remodeling process might take a few years to complete. Your teeth fit balanced between your gums, lips, and tongue. Your ongoing dental and facial growth can also influence this. 

For this reason, you must follow your orthodontist’s advice after you are done with your treatment. Your responsibility does not end after you walk out of the dental clinic. 

Looking after your retainers:

Taking care of your retainers is not very difficult. Here are some ways you can protect your retainers from any damage:

  • Use a mixture of water and soap or special tablets to clean the retainer. 
  • Avoid drinking hot drinks while wearing your retainer to prevent them from warping or melting. 
  • Do not eat with dentures. Make sure to take them out to avoid damaging them.
  • Store your dentures in a boxed container when not in use.