Famous Restaurants of Hong Kong

If you are a foodie then a choice of the restaurant through which you are going to eat matters a lot. A good restaurant is a place that provides you with the best food and that too at many affordable prices. Some people like spicy foods while some have the sweetest tooth. You will always want to choose a place where they have an extensive variety of food on their menu card. For instance, spicy pasta is for people who like eating Italian flavorful food. Moreover, if you have a broad range of desserts and ice cream on the board then it is most likely to visit the people who love to eat sweets.

Hong Kong is the place where you will definitely find a range of food at almost every other restaurant in the city. From their local food to almost every type of cuisine are present on the menu cards of almost every kind of restaurant. So, you can plan your trip to this beautiful place and explore the beauty of restaurants.

1- Mosu Hong Kong

This place is built beautifully and amazingly with a different type of food present at the moment. You can visit Hong Kong and explore this wonderful restaurant with an attractive ambiance and friendly staff. This place is famous for its Korean cuisine. You can enjoy hangover stew which is the most popular in the culture. Their hangover serving system is common whether it comes to food or drinks. In addition, you can order their highly ordered kimchi too. They are noodles cooked in extra spices and served with the fried or boiled egg above the plate. Therefore, pay a nice vacation stay at this place at much discounted prices through Kkday promo code.

2- Louise

This restaurant is beautiful in regards to how it is built. It is considered to be the most classical and tropical type of restaurant which is constructed with gorgeous views of the interior and exterior. People love to enjoy their food in a bunch of greenery and flowers present all over the place. Moreover, you will find almost every variety of local cuisine on their menu ranging from Shrimp and Chicken Balls, Wontons, white sand chicken, and many others. If you are someone who wanted to experience the food with a great flavor and reasonable price then we would suggest you at least visit this place once. It will be a lifetime experience for your vacation holidays.

3- Man Wah

This is the most luxurious and elegant type of restaurant in Hong Kong. This opulent type of restaurant is built on the floor of one of the tallest buildings from where you can enjoy a perfect view of the city. Here also you will find multiple types of Chinese cuisines on the menu. But not everything: the repertoire has been updated with meals that exude subtle beauty while highlighting age-old tastes and lost pleasures for a contemporary palette. Additionally, when you feel tired exploring the whole lot of a city then this restaurant will make the ideal choice for the people who want to taste the aroma of the culture.