4 Restaurants Adjacent to Istana Budaya

No doubt! Istana Budaya is the ideal place for all sorts of theatre including the quality musical one, classical concerts and much more and with that, you also find awesome dining spots near it. Therefore, you should think of visiting this excellent place catering to your both entertainment and dining needs without being expensive for you, so it is better to begin your summer vacation with it. While experiencing the culinary scene of Malaysia, you find it being influenced by three major cuisines such as Indian, Chinese and Malay.

Therefore, you should gear-up to treat your taste buds to the dishes of all three prominent cuisines and make your trip memorable in this summer. The restaurants near istana budaya have the awesome menu with maintaining the perfect hygiene that attracts everyone including foreign tourists. In this blog, you find the excellent dining spots that can fill-up your visit to Istana Budaya with the great taste, so check out the following list.

  • Rama V

Let’s begin with this eco-friendly and traditional dining spot close to Istana Budaya and the food there is awesome that also goes budget-friendly for you. Additionally, it takes you through the gastronomical journey turning your dining out experience into the amazing one and with natives; you also find a large number of foreign tourists. It is the great hub of Thai cuisine and considered to be the heaven for seafood lovers. It opens throughout the week, so plan a visit for treating your taste buds to delicious dishes during your trip. Moreover, you can also order quality food online via Airasia Food and that is not all, you can also get huge discounts while ordering but for that, you have to use Airasia Food coupon code.

  • Passage Thru India

If the South Asian foods attract you then you should consider visiting this incredible and top-class Indian restaurant offering a wide range of dishes to its valued customers. Furthermore, it also comes into your confined budget, so after watching a theatre at Istana Budaya, you can try delicious Indian food. The colourful ambience of this beautiful restaurant makes your dining experience superb; thus, you find lots of western tourists prefer visiting it.

  • Ciao Ristorante

The candlelit open-space of this restaurant attracts everyone giving it a romantic vibe too and it also makes it attractive dining option for couples, so you should also consider visiting this ideal place. It was launched back in 1991 and since then it has been quality Italian foods to both natives and foreign tourists. Furthermore, the inside-setting is very appealing turning your dining into the lavish experience, so never miss it out.

  • The Orchid Conservatory

For dining out experience with the great sophisticated touch, you should visit this incredible place and the ambience of this place elevated by quality aura flowers, so you must visit it. Furthermore, it also exists among the leading seafood spots in Malaysia, so you should consider exploring this superb restaurant and make your trip ideal.