Where is the best location to put a heat pump?

Choosing the area of your indoor as well as outdoor devices is amongst the most important components in the overview of the heat pump. If you’re planning on setting up just one interior device, it’s ideal to have this in your major living location that works as amongst the most utilized area in your home.

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If you’re planning on having multiple interior devices, the option is yours regarding where they all go. We still advise having a heat pump installed in the main home.

When it comes to the outside device, points can be a little extra challenging. You will need a sheltered area with plenty of air movement, ideally covered by an eve. Your outside heat pump unit will need a flat, inflexible surface, such as a concrete pad below it. If there is no such point on your residential property, think about having a concrete pad laid before installation.

You will additionally require to ensure the area around the concrete pad can offer appropriate water drainage and that no hedges or plants are within one meter from the exterior unit.

How do I know what size heat pump I require?

The dimension of the heat pump you require will depend upon the room you are warming. Bigger spaces require larger capacities while smaller spaces require tiny capacities.

As to what capacity is right for your room, it’s finest to have among the staff member from Wolfers Heating Services come for a site inspection. In this manner, you can rest assured understanding you have the appropriate size heat pump for your house.

At what temperature level does the heat pump end up being inefficient?

Most heat pumps battle to produce warmth as soon as temperature levels go down listed below 7 degrees. As we reside in a fairly light climate, this does not necessarily impact most people. Nevertheless, there are still many parts where temperature levels drop this low throughout wintertime which is why reputed heat pumps have developed hyper-core technology.

Hyper core heat pumps are able to perform at peak performance right down to -15oC. So, for locations with snow and ice, the hyper-core is the best heating remedy for the very winter season.