Savings is referred to as an income that is not spent, or deferred consumption, it also involves reducing expenditures, such as recurring costs. The disposable income can also be called disposable personal income (DPI), and this is the amount of money that a household or an individual has to spend or save after every income tax has been deducted. Savings are encouraged by credit unions, even Denver credit union and other financial institutions to help individuals and households have a proper handle on their finances by providing adequate knowledge in that area as this will help people make sound decisions about their finance and meet their desired goals of acquiring properties.

There are different strategies and types of savings that have been created to help individuals maximize savings, for savings to be adequately maximized. Denver credit union suggests that people who save should set money aside on a routine or plan basis, that is the usage of a specific goal for saving, and that has been helped with by creating goal-specific savings accounts to help save for whichever purpose you want to save for, ranging from vacation with loved ones, holiday shopping, retirement, and even emergencies. To begin with, the type of savings that is available to Denver credit union members and other credit unions is the Basic Savings account The Basic Savings account grants you just a minimum of $5.00 to open, and you can make unlimited deposits anytime, you also get to enjoy ATM access across the nation, and you have monthly dividends or interest on your balances for a basic saving account.

In addition to the basic savings account is the Club account, and unlike basic savings, this gives you access to save for as many goals you have created, from your wedding day, college funds for either you or your children, for travels and vacation, for emergencies, and even retirement. Seeing that saving money is vital as it provides financial security and freedom, and as well helps you manage the financial emergency. Saving will help you avoid unnecessary debts and this will relieve you of stress. This is why credit unions strongly encourage that saving, and it becomes easy when it is done with a community of people, and another thing that is strongly encouraged in Denver credit union is community bonding beyond any other thing.