Things to Consider Before Getting Your Car on College Campus and How to Prep for College

Before students move to their college campus, they need to decide if they want to have their car on the campus. Is it worth it? Well, having transport on campus is convenient, but there are potential nuisances to consider.

  • Explore the parking options because universities can have limited parking options, so they advise students against bringing a car. In urban cities, it is hard to get an affordable and safe parking spot. Therefore, check the parking scenario on the campus and the cost of specific students’ permits to park.
  • Check your insurance policy because if your university is in a state with low rates then you will need to change the address.
  • After you explored parking options, apply for a parking permit as soon as possible. Parking limitations can hinder the approval of your permit, so act fast. If you cannot secure an on-campus parking permit, then shop around for private parking options near the campus.
  • Consider your usage to identify whether it is beneficial to bring the car to the campus. It is worth it if you need to drive to a part-time job or reach extra tuition classes or at the grocery store. Even think about the weekend home trips or traveling in the winter & spring breaks. If you are not planning to drive a lot, then leaving the car sit idle can affect its performance. In an urban environment, you can get great public transportation access, so the car can be left at home.
  • More than 60% of students bring their cars, so be prepared for someone asking to borrow your vehicle. There are possibilities that the friend who borrowed can end up in a collision and you will be held liable for the damages. If you are uncomfortable with lending, then learn to say NO when asked by any friend. If you feel that you cannot set such limitations, then leave the car at home.
  • The car means maintenance, gas fill-ups, and insurance payments are the monthly expense you need to consider seriously. So, if you feel that you can handle the expenses then it is well and good.

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Having your car on campus is very convenient, especially when the college is not easily reachable by public transportation. After all this consideration your decision to have the car on campus means you will need to get your car prepared for college.

Here are some tips on getting your car to college.

  • Get it serviced – Get milestone servicing to prevent breakdown. The mechanics will change the oil and check the brakes, car belts, shocks & struts, coolant systems, and transmission. Before you dive towards the college a thorough servicing is crucial.
  • Get it detailed – A shiny car with cleaning and waxing protects the car from weather elements.

If your university is across the country, then it is sensible to book an auto shipping company. Parents find it hard to allow their kids to drive unknown long-distance roads. Ship a Car, Inc. is a popular auto transport company, which offers campus car shipping services at affordable rates. They have experience of three decades in transport and shipping across the US.