Is the use of a flower delivery service something you’ve thought about?

To give you the most complete response, we’ll have to go back to the basics and explain what a florist wire service is before we can get into anyone’s view about whether or not they should use one. This information will help you better comprehend floral wire services regardless of whether you are just starting in the floral company or have been working in the florist Kuala Lumpur for a while.

Delivery of flowers via mail is the first steps

  • To avoid boring you to death, flower delivery through wire service has been around for more than a century. Fifteen florists in the United States came up with a method for sending flowers long distances. The concept of sending flowers across the nation, and then the globe, was hailed as revolutionary at the time.
  • For flower shops or florists to be able to fulfill and receive these orders, they would need to transform themselves into something like a part tenant of the floral wire service. Keep in mind that at the time this was created, telephones did not exist and the telegraph was the preferred method of contact. That’s why we call it the “Florists Telegraph Delivery Service,” or FTD for short.
  • Later, British florist experts established a network that was first called Flowers By Wire, but in 1953 it was rebranded as a flower delivery service under its current name. At the beginning of the 1970s, much of Europe was equipped with a wire service, which made it possible to send flowers to almost any country in the globe.

How does a flower wire service operate?

  • The primary role that an affiliate plays in the flower industry is that of a floral broker or agent. Membership in the organization and the ability to accept and deliver floral orders require payment of either annual or monthly membership dues.
  • You are no longer a part owner of the business, and the cooperative structure has been dissolved as a result. The flower shop or florist that is shipping the bouquet is responsible for wiring it to its destination. Just so there’s no confusion, orders placed via the floral wire service’s eCommerce website are sent to the filler florist, who is responsible for completing the arrangement.
  • It should be brought to your attention that the florist’s wire service spends the majority of its advertising budget on marketing for online flower purchases. Originally, customers made orders by contacting a different flower shop directly.
  • The commission rate for a broker working for a Penang florist Georgetown delivery service ranges from fifteen percent to twenty-three percent of the total order value. In the floral industry, some florists take home larger percentages than others. Membership costs should be calculated and subtracted from the total before the order is filled. This is just a suggestion, and the actual percentages paid may vary between different participating florists.