Classy and Elegant Interior Design Tips and Ideas for Small HDB Flats


Everyone wants to own a big bungalow well-decorated but only a few people’s dreams get fulfilled. Everyone cannot own a spacious, big home for many reasons. Nevertheless, even in a small HDB flat, you can design a classy and spacious-looking house.

Interior designing tips and ideas for small HDB flats

Use glass walls & dividers

In HDB flats, the rooms are small and if you choose to divide rooms with walls and doors the space will appear congested. Instead, add glass walls & dividers. Give a space a large room perception. Visual concept space will give a less cramped look. Add blinds to the glass walls & dividers for privacy.

Install ceiling to floor cupboards & shelves

Fashion designers recommend wearing vertical stripes to look thin. This same concept applies to small flats. Install ceiling to floor cupboards & shelves, which will offer more open space and give a spacious appearance. A large closet even means you gain more storage and the room stays clutter-free and airy.

Multi-purpose furniture

An HDB flat that is clutter-free will appear spacious. To store the clutter, you will need storage space. Design multi-purpose furniture like a sofa that has a storage compartment is hidden or platform beds with hidden storage drawers. Use sitting counter with storage compartment for dining space. Design settees with storage units.

Use a light color theme

A light, pastel, or white color theme makes the area look spacious and vivacious. A light-colored monochrome theme offers simplicity and adds personality. When extremely light shades are blended with dark shades the contrast creates a feeling of depth. It helps to give the room a spacious look.

It is true that white space appears large, but adds a few dark-colored items here and there to break the monotony of all light-colored elements. It gives the room a vibrant look ad visually downplays the home’s compact dimension.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are the timeless solution to give a small space a prominent look. In the mirror you can see the entire room in reflection, so your mind automatically perceives the space to be bigger. Choose mirrors of different lengths, shapes, and sizes. A round mirror looks trendy, the large full-length mirror adds to the perception, and the small size mirror can give the modern look.

Earthy Modern @ Eunos

Use large wall hangings

It is similar to the floor-to-ceiling shelves & cupboard concept. Small wall hangings make the space look cramped in comparison to a full-length wall hanging. Use décor items or art elements that are large to give the space a visual. Small items add clutter, so keep things simple and minimal by choosing few but large décor items.

Use small rugs

To increase the HDB flat space visually, use small floor rugs. They help to define the area and trick the mind into perceiving the room to be big. Rugs with bold colors and patterns can make the room look cluttered, so choose rugs with a neutral color.

Simple Refinement @ Mei Ling

Don’t keep the furniture simple

Choose statement furniture like an oversized armchair. It can make a small room appear bigger. Statement pieces create visual drama that draws eyes away from the room’s physical boundaries.

Choose a couple of prominent pieces that create a focal point and are functional. For seating arrangement choose large pieces. It can accommodate more people comfortably rather than choosing multiple small seats, which makes the space look congested.

Avoid choosing small hanging lamps

Lights add value to room décor. Choose an oversized lamp to make a fabulous statement in a small room. It helps to pull rooms look and visually enlarges the space by accentuating the ceiling height.

Choose a lamp design that aligns with the theme. It needs to have a clean silhouette to blend with a minimalist setting. Choose only a pair of oversized lamps and not more to create a drama without compromising the look.

Integrate a variety of styles

Integrate different styles to make the space look casual and overall design concept seem more timeless and less trendy. You can easily swap or add new pieces. Follow a consistent color theme, so the home looks cohesive even with different style integration. In addition, make sure you find reliable HDB interior designers such as AC Vision to  ensure the renovation process is conducted well.

In Singapore, housing developers have home renovation guidelines. So, before you start interior designing check with the condominium management team.